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Traditions Duck and Gun Club is an exclusive waterfowl hunting club located in eastern North Carolina. 

For the 2019-2020 waterfowl season we are limiting membership to six (6).  This assures all members the quality hunting experience they deserve.

The club is located approximately 15 miles from the famed Goose Creek Island Game Lands in the heart of waterfowl county.  Not only is the club located in a natural flyway, it is intensively managed to provide first class waterfowl habitat.

We realize from experience how frustrating it can be to have other hunters crowd you, and having to get up at 2:00 am to be the first one to THE SPOT.  Our limited membership policy assures that there are more impoundments than members.  All of our blinds are just a short walk from the lodge.  When you wake up you can be in the blind in a matter of minutes instead of hours.


The club features a total of eighteen impoundments.  For the 2019-2020 season the club is planning to plant sixteen of these impoundments with a mixture of corn and millet.  The impoundments are approximately three acres in size, and are filled from two deep wells located on the property. This helps to ensure that water will be available to flood the impoundments before the season.

Members will be given their choice of blind unless one of the following instances occurs:

Two members want the same blind.

More than four members show up to hunt on the same day.

When this condition occurs we will hold a lottery type drawing to assign blinds.


We will hunt the impoundments Wednesdays, Saturdays, Thanksgiving and New Years Day as long as they fall within the 2019-2020 duck season as prescribed by the State of North Carolina. The exception to this rule when a holiday falls within one day of the Wednesday hunt.

A schedule will be posted at the club.  The nearby Pamlico River and Sound offer excellent diver hunting and members are welcome to stay at the club any day during duck season.  Do not forget your Swan Permit - last season swans were abundant on the farm.  The club maintains two blinds on South Creek that are available to members anytime during the season.


The lodge is located near the center of the property.  This provides easy access to all blinds.  During duck season, breakfast will be served mornings one hour after legal shooting time.


Members may bring two guests per day with them on any day outlined earlier.  Members and guest must hunt from the same blind.  Members wanting to bring an overnight guest should call the club manager at least twenty four hours in advance to assure sleeping arrangements. In the event that a member needs to bring more than two guest, there will be a $200.00 fee per person per day payable to the hunt master.


Membership for the 2019-2020 season is $7500.00.  A $2500.00 deposit will reserve your membership.  The club will be open to the first six members who pay their deposit.